Camper furniture

Campervan furniture

Traveling in an RV is the perfect solution for all lovers of independence and freedom. To travel comfortably and conveniently, the quality of your equipment is important. It determines how you will spend each day and each kilometer driven. What is important is both how functional the selected body is, and how it behaves while driving. After all, no one likes extra crackling, grinding and noises. High-quality furniture in your RV means daily, comfortable rest and a trip full of comfort. Practical and economical use of such valuable free space and the weight of each piece also becomes important. When assembling equipment it is easy to overload the car, combining the weight of furniture, luggage and supplies often results in significant values. Therefore, it is worth betting on modern solutions in furniture and accessories by Van der Moon. We ensure the lightness and robustness of our products at the highest level. See body for Moon Box bus

Camper furniture

In most cases, lightweight plywood and wood are used in RV furniture. The pieces offered by our store are high quality aluminum and specialized chamber panels with the addition of other lightweight materials. We do not use plywood in our production, which makes our furniture lightweight and extremely durable. The use of upholstery foam and specialized technical material means that you get a comfortable and safe product. Individual furniture in our offer, have different sizes and capacities. Adapted to specific car models, they allow you to quickly and efficiently build your van. With our products you will quickly and conveniently fill the required fields and create a functional space of the highest quality. Each of our projects has been thoroughly prepared both in terms of functionality and safety. We want our products to serve all travelers for years to come, helping you explore what's around the bend.

Building furniture for the camper

In selected models of our furniture, the finishing element is laminated upholstery. It is thanks to it that all our Moon Boxes are waterproof and vapor-proof. Created with the idea that you can use them easily and comfortably. When you want to buy our furniture, there is nothing simpler, choose your car model, size and color depending on your options and enjoy a finished storage unit created specifically for your RV. The highest quality materials in each case will ensure your comfort and convenience. By choosing dedicated mounting strips, you will install our camper organizers And boxes where you need them. Our knowledge and extensive experience regarding the design and construction of furniture, guarantee a quality service. In properly constructed furniture, everything will be in its place, easily fit a stove, refrigerator and everything you need. You will also find with us the necessary components for campers such as doors, windows and awnings. With us, creating a customized RV will be child's play. See camper van body and camper cabinet

Ready-made furniture for the camper

Vans and camper bodies can be made by specialized companies or by you yourself. In either case, our products, are the solution you can use. Simple to install, lightweight and made to the highest standard, they will be the perfect base for your products. We are travelers ourselves and by traveling we created our solutions. That's why we perfectly understand the needs and requirements of modern van and camper travel. Our experience and practice has translated directly into the Van der Moon brand. We create more products and solutions wanting to provide other travelers with comfort and convenience. Van der Moon camper and caravan furniture to the elements with which your motorhome will reach a new and excellent level. As a manufacturer, we control every step in the creation of our furniture and guarantee the highest quality final products. Contact us if you do not find the products you are looking for on our site.

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