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We guarantee that the 64 liters of extra storage space
in the van will come in very handy for you.

The Moon Organiser was created to make maximum use of the space in your van. Mounted on the rear door, it provides access to handy tools. A multitude of pockets, nets, hooks and elastics ensure that everything is always close at hand (and in its place). A set of organisers will allow you to carry more than 60 litres of luggage without losing any space inside the car.

Quick access.

There is always something to stow away when you open the van's rear door. Packing pockets, holders and hangers will allow you to organise the space with very quick access on the rear door of your car.

Designed for hard work.

MoonOrganiser will endure a lot. We built it with special plywood and a material of exceptional strength. Each stitching has been reinforced to withstand a 10 kg load. This allows you to hang up to 40kg of shovels on the door of your van.

Gain luggage space
without losing any room in the van.

Our solution is clever - it manages the space that is often left unused or only covered by the fascia board - the space in the door recesses


A new way to store

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